Data Science

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Why study Data Science with us?

Unique interplay of math and computer science

Our master program is a unique combination of solid mathematical background and computer science applications. Not only will you learn how to use tools, such as deep neural networks, but you will gain profound understanding why they work.

We are competent

Our staff are specialists from different subfields of data science: statistics, machine learning, optimization, analysis of big data, processing of natural language. We have both solid academic experience but we also advise companies how data science can be used to increase their profits.

Individual approach

We offer small groups (15 people enrolled yearly) and individual approach to each student.

Flexible curriculum

Only three courses (Machine Learning, Numerical Optimization, Statistical Learning) are obligatory. They will give you the necessary foundations for pursuing knowledge in more advanced courses. As a student of our department you could also broaden your horizons taking supplementary courses, e.g., on algorithms or optimization. Don’t worry: we’ll advise you what courses to study next!

Career opportunities

Our graduates find jobs in top companies in Silicon Valley (Google, Microsoft & Facebook), work at top universities (MIT) and found prospective startups.

It’s all about projects

Our students participate in data science projects from the very beginning of their studies. You will gain invaluable hands-on experience already before graduating.

Our studies are for you if

  • you hold bachelor title in computer science or mathematics
  • you know algorithms, probability and statistics
  • you are fascinated by artificial intelligence

15 best students will be recruited (including up to 5 best international students)

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