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How to find a topic for a thesis and a supervisor?
Data Science students can write their diploma thesis under the supervision of a faculty member from the Institute of Mathematics or the Institute of Computer Science. The theses are then developed and evaluated according to the principles accepted respectively for students in the Mathematics and Computer Science programs.
A common practice in both institutes is for the student to independently choose a supervisor by establishing personal contact and agreeing on the thesis topic. Theses are created through collaboration between the supervisor and the student:

  • As part of regular seminars at the level of second-degree studies; within the seminar, students can develop a project, which, subsequently expanded and supplemented in collaboration with the supervisor, becomes the basis for the diploma thesis.
  • The thesis can be entirely developed outside of classes; the student and the supervisor agree on the chosen topic and work on it outside of regular classes.
  • The master's thesis can be an extension of a project developed in an advanced computer science course; the student works on it outside of classes in collaboration with the supervisor.

In each case, it is advisable to start by reviewing the list of proposed topics for diploma theses (topics in IM, topics in II) or by contacting a chosen faculty member (IM staff, II staff) and determining a new topic during individual consultations (consultation dates for IM, consultation dates for II).

Submission of the Thesis Topic
The thesis projects have to be approved by the Thesis Committee. Topics are proposed by supervisors or agreed upon between the supervisor and the student/students, and then submitted to the committee, which publishes them after approval.
After selecting a supervisor and agreeing on an approved topic, the student generates the "Declaration of the Thesis Topic" from the website and emails it to the dean's office. Signatures of the supervisor and the student are not required. The declaration should be submitted two semesters before the planned completion of studies. According to the University of Wrocław's Study Regulations, the supervisor has to be be a professor, habilitated doctor, or doctor.

Master's Theses: Types and Requirements
Master's theses can be written individually or in two-person teams. In the case of teamwork, the expected size of the thesis is approximately 75% larger than that specified for an individual project. For team projects, a list of works done by individual authors should be attached, with details, especially for the programming part.
Possible Types of Master's Theses
Program and/or Information System
The essence of such a thesis is to create an information system or program that performs a specific practical task. Advanced methods and/or tools requiring a creative and research contribution from the author/authors should be used to create the system/program. In addition to the program, for which sources, documentation, and a working installation should be provided, the author/authors submit a written part as a supplement to the project. The written part should be about 30 pages in A4 format and include:

  • Presentation of the field, description, and analysis of the thesis topic.
  • Review of other and alternative solutions with a discussion of their quality and usefulness for the given task.
  • Description of applied/invented solutions, i.e., what the student wants to highlight in the project.
  • User section, including a general description of the program/system, installation and configuration method or access to the working system, and a user manual.
  • Developer section, including a list of tools used in the project with justification, project structure description, and documentation (if not part of the sources).
  • Use cases demonstrating the system/program.

Research Work with Original Results
The thesis focuses on a specific scientific problem and should contain original results from the author/authors. A typical thesis should be about 50 pages in A4 format, although the size may vary significantly depending on the field (readability for the reader) and the obtained results.
Review Thesis
The essence of this type of thesis involves a thorough and extensive review of a field or issue that significantly goes beyond the content taught in regular academic studies. An essential part of the paper is demonstrating a deep understanding of the field, allowing for creative interpretations of the results within that domain. Theses of this nature typically have around 50 pages in A4 format. They may also include implementations, tests, and computer simulations of the discussed concepts and solutions.

Thesis Template
A sample LaTeX template for the thesis, containing necessary elements for the title page, work content, and typographic guidelines such as page format and font size.

  • iithesis_ds.cls - LaTeX document class for thesis composition.
  • example.tex - Sample LaTeX document containing a thesis.
  • example.pdf - Sample document containing a thesis compiled in PDF format.

Master's Thesis Submission, Defense and Examination
Once the completed thesis has been accepted by the supervisor, the student registers it in the archival and anti-plagiarism system called University of Wroclaw Theses Archive (APD) (using the same login credentials as in USOSweb). The thesis should be submitted at least 7 days before the scheduled defense date. The submitted thesis in APD is then evaluated by the supervisor and the reviewer.
The defense of the master's thesis is a part of the master's examination. During the defense/examination, the student presents the thesis and responds to the committee's questions.
The master's examination in the field of Computer Science takes the form of an oral exam. It is conducted before a three-member committee, consisting of the chairperson, supervisor, and reviewer. The examination date is set after the student has successfully completed the final semester and submitted the master's thesis. During the examination, the student presents the thesis and answers the committee's questions. The exam covers the content of the mandatory core courses and the topic of the thesis.
Before taking the master's examination, the completed and signed Diploma Application Form must be submitted to the dean's office. When collecting the diploma, the student must return the student ID card and a settled student obligation card to the dean's office.


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