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Małgorzata Bogdan

Malgorzata Bogdan is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Statistics group in the Institute of Mathematics. She works mainly on the development of new statistical methods for the analysis of high dimensional data. Her research area covers theoretical analysis of the properties on the statistical methods for Big Ddata, developing new methodology and computer software and the applications of advanced statistical methodology for the analysis of genetic and financial data. She has been holding Visiting Positions at the University of Washington, Purdue University, Stanford University , University of Vienna and Lund University, where she taught many statistical courses. She was the head of one of the work-packages in large European FP7 grant on novel statistical methods for the design and analysis of clinical trials in small populations. She actively collaborates with statisticians from Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie-Mellon University, Indiana University, Ecole Polytechnique, Angers University, Medical University in Vienna and Lund University.

Jan Chorowski

is an assistant professor in Computational Intelligence Research Group. His research interest focus on applying Deep Learning methods to speech and language processing, fascinating problems which are easy for children, but notoriously hard to solve using algorithmic methods. He has introduced attention-based models for speech recognition, and has studied them collaborating with several research laboratories including Google Brain and MILA lab at University of Montreal.

Jarosław Harezlak

is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Mathematics of Wroclaw University and Professor of Biostatistics at Indiana University. He received his PhD in Biostatistics from Harvard University. He works on statistical methods for the analysis of high dimensional data produced by modern medical equipment. His area of research covers semiparametric regression, functional data analysis and structured high-dimensional data. In his applied research, he uses data arising in structural and functional brain imaging, accelerometry and intensively collected longitudinal studies. He has many collaborations with top statisticians and medical doctors in USA and Europe.

Waldemar Hebisch

Paweł Lorek

is an assistant professor in Probability Group. His main research interests focus on Markov processes, in particular studying the rate of convergence and Monte Carlo Markov Chain simulation methods. He also applies the results to cryptograhpy. He cooperate(s/ed) with several companies, mainly applying Markov chain-based solutions to real-world (machine learning) problems.

Rafał Nowak

Paweł Rychlikowski

is an assistant professor in Computational Intelligence Research Group. His research interests focus on natural language processing (with emphasis on Slavic languages), speech processing, and creation of conversational agents. Since 2005 he cooperates with Neurosoft, a company which tries to use artificial intelligence methods in their products. He has two children and likes trail running on long distances (but, to be honest, he finishes his competitions just before the time limit).

Piotr Wieczorek

is an assistant professor in Foundations of Computer Science and Databases Research Group. His research interests are in databases, mainly in graph databases, and recently include fitting and learning of database schemas and queries. He loves cycling so much that even a single 100 km trip can take him a whole day from early morning to sunset.

Piotr Wnuk-Lipiński

is the head of Computational Intelligence Research Group.His research interests concern Computational Intelligence, especially Data Mining, Heuristic Optimization and Machine Learning, and its applications. Piotr received the PhD in Computer Science from Universite Louis Pasteur Strasbourg I and University of Wroclaw. He collaborated with LSIIT, CNRS, ULP, Strasbourg, France and NCRA, University College Dublin, Ireland as well as some national research centers. Piotr has published in excess of 60 research papers. His recent results concern evolutionary algorithms for multi-dimensional optimization problems. He is fascinated by applying Computational Intelligence approaches to real-world problems.

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